Pruning Grapes

January 11, 2010

It wasn’t raining this past weekend, so I got outside and started pruning the grapes that we have.  Admittedly, I had to look this topic up in books and online.

Thing is, my established vines look nothing like the picture. I think the previous owner somehow kept piling the vines on top of existing vines, and then the year and a half of neglect… One of my friends, who is into grape wine, told me that the vineyards really whack and hack on the vines, but I wasn’t entirely sure. My husband and I went to Willamette Vineyards after Thanksgiving, and our wine tasting server actually happened to be one of the many founders of the vineyard. I started to explain my grape vines, but she quickly cut me off. “Cut them back! They are vines and will rebound like any other vine, so just cut them back.” Well, there I have it! I guess she had some vines at home, and they take over if let go. Funny, my grandparents used to have vines, but they did so poorly that they were taken out. I think the neighbor’s trees started robbing it of light.

Anyway, I’ve got the vines cut back to a basic skeleton now, but they still need some work. My pruning hand was getting tired, so I will try again the next time the weather is decent.

I should mention that there is a spot in the yard where a grape vine touched down. It might have gotten some dirt kicked over it, but it put down roots and has started growing in the middle of my yard. I should dig it up now that it is dormant and try to give it to someone.


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