Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

January 21, 2010

We were staying at a little hotel when I discovered it had a wall mounted bottle opener in the bathroom. I loved the idea. I asked the hotel where they had gotten them, but apparently the hotel had changed owners since they were installed and did not know.

When I got home, I was looking at a home brew supply store catalog and noticed they had one of these. Since then, I’ve found out that about all home brew supply stores sell them for $5 each, along with a little bucket to catch the bottle caps in for an additional fee.

I talked my husband into buying two of them, and then proceeded to install one of them in the kitchen next to the refrigerator. You hardly notice it is there, and it is so handy. We were visiting his parents, and his mother was trying to find a bottle opener in her kitchen drawers, and I was thinking, “I don’t have to do that in my home anymore because it is right there on the wall!” My husband can’t believe how lucky he is to have married a woman who has no problem mounting a bottle opener in the kitchen.

We put the second one out in the garage near the door into the house, as we have a small apartment refrigerator out there full of beer and cider. That location would provide us with an opportunity to open our drinks before going inside, or even if we didn’t. However, this location really needs a bucket to catch the caps. Inside, the bucket would have been a little too big, would have stuck out, been noticeable, and possibly even prevent the refrigerator door from opening wide enough. In the house, our trash can is two steps away, so it is very easy to deal with the cap. But out in the garage, the opener is kind of in a bad spot for opening and catching the caps, so the caps get lost in and under the stuff piled by the door, and if you did catch it, the garbage can is a ways away. The wall mounted bucket would look great there and be highly functional for our needs.


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