Fermented Fruit Drink Definitions

January 26, 2010

As I keep reading, there are all these different ways to ferment fruit into different types of drinks. Here are some that I have found:

  • Apple Juice – To North Americans, it can mean a fresh but filtered apple juice
  • Applejack – an alcoholic beverage made from the freezing and thawing of apple cider to concentrate the alcohol.
  • Braggot – a mead made with malted grain, usually malted barley.
  • Brandy – a distilled spirit made from grape wine
  • Calvados – a brandy made in France from apple cider
  • Cider – to North Americans, unfiltered fresh apple juice. To the rest of the world, a fermented apple drink.
  • Cyser – a melomel made with apples
  • Demi-sec – a rather sweet sparkling wine, or it could be used to describe a sweet cider.
  • Eau de vie – a brandy made from other fruit wines, not grape wines
  • Fruit Cider – a fermented apple cider that then has fruit juice added, such as pear cider or blackberry cider.
  • Fortified – a cider, wine, mead, or beer that brandy, vodka, or some other distilled alcohol has been added, which raises the alcohol content. Port is a classic example of this.
  • Graf – a cider made with malt and hops; a cider/beer cross that is mostly cider
  • Mead – a fermented honey drink that is sometimes referred to as honey wine.
  • Melomel – mead made with fruit
  • Metheglin – mead made with spices
  • Mulled – a drink that spices are added to it and warmed.
  • Perry – a cider like drink made from pears instead of cider. If fermented apple juice has pear juice added, it is usually called pear cider.
  • Pommeau – a Calvados or clear apple brandy/eau de vie  blended with fresh sweet cider to produce a lightly sweet, reddish amber liqueur around 16-18% alcohol by volume.
  • Pyment – melomel made with grape juice
  • Slider – an English apple cider made with the discarded sloe berries (similar to a plum) that were soaked in gin to make sloe gin.

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