Cider Review – Blue Mountain Farmstead Cider

March 11, 2010

Blue Mountain Cider Company is a little cidery located in Milton-Freewater, OR, across the boarder from Walla Walla, WA. Blue Mountain Cider was formed in 2003 by Ron and Gretchen Brown, who had apple growing experience, Mike Swinnerton, who had brewing experience, and Robbi Ebel, who was good at keeping books and marketing. They make six ciders – Eden Ridge, Farmstead, Dry Creek, Cherry, Cranberry, and Raspberry. In my own market, I typically only see the Farmstead, Cherry, and Cranberry.

One unique thing about Blue Mountain Company is that they bottle their ciders in clear wine bottles with screw tops instead of the usual brown 22oz or 12oz beer bottles that most cideries use. It does help them promote that they consider themselves crafting an artisan-style cider, but they do share their facility with Watermill Winery, allowing the sharing of equipment and a cost savings.

Farmstead Cider is pale yellow cider that seems to be well balanced, but it isn’t exactly rememberable. A beginner drinking it might find it a little on the dry side. Blue Mountain Cider describes the Farmstead Cider, “This crisp hard cider was created using our fermented ‘five-apple’ blend made from apples grown in the Pacific Northwest.  It is a semi-sweet cider and is one of our most refreshing ciders.”

They do add a dash of carbonation to the 6.5% beverage, which retails for about $11 a 750 mL bottle.

2 Responses to “Cider Review – Blue Mountain Farmstead Cider”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Of course I’m biased…I work at BMC. Despite my bias I do agree with you on the Farmstead. You’re correct the Farmstead isn’t something to write home about and that is why we are phasing it out of production. For newbie cider drinkers I suggest trying the Eden Ridge. I personally like the Dry Creek the best. We appreciate the honest feedback…hopefully another blend will treat your taste buds better.

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