Reflection Yields a Plan

May 5, 2010

Writing this blog has been therapeutic for me the last couple of days. It started with my husband asking a simple enough question of what would it take more me to make larger batches of wine and cider. This lead to a good analysis, but also revealed some hesitation due to liquor licensing laws and money fears. This has lead me to today’s plan.

I had a thought that I would buy one carboy a month.

My husband loves the idea, which he does benefit from, though he suggested thinking about alternatives buy using plastic Better Bottles instead of glass carboys. For instance, 5 gallon glass carboys can be obtained for about $35, while a 5 gallon plastic Better Bottle would cost about $25.

But my husband and I are both a bit twitchy about plastic. It does give off flavors after awhile, where glass does not. However, I currently use a plastic bucket as a primary fermenter if I am working with solid material such as fruit or vegetables. Therefore, I think I would be okay to have a few of these plastic Better Bottles around for the batch to be in for a week or two, but long term aging would have me rack the batch into glass.

I’m feeling pretty good about this plan and feel like I’m moving forward.


One Response to “Reflection Yields a Plan”

  1. […] mentioned before that my husband and I are a little twitchy about plastic because it allows plastic flavors and can breathe a bit, and glass doesn’t. I am comfortable […]

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