Mead Review: Mountain Meadow Moonlight Magic Mead

August 12, 2010

I have had Mountain Mead Meads before at various beer festivals. The first time was at the Holiday Ale Festival and again more recently at the Portland International Beer Fest.

When I found out that my mother had never had a mead, I went to my local grocery store hoping to find some, and was surprised that I found three. It was in the port section, also grouped with the sweet dessert wines like ice wines and muscats, all of which I like. I bought Mountain Meadow Moonlight Magic Semi-Sweet Mead.

When I was drinking it a few nights ago, wondering how to describe it, it came to me that this was very much like drinking a slightly sweet Chardonnay wine, as it kind of had a buttery feel for it. I agree with the labeling that it is only a semi-sweet or a medium sweet, as it is a mild sweetness that doesn’t overpower the palate.

Looking at their website, I see that my description actually fits with their goals when they made it, as they said it was inspired by semi-sweet white wines. I think they succeeded wonderfully.


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  1. […] beer, which, of course, I personally did not spend any tickets on. I stuck to cider, though Mountain Meadow Meads was there at 3-4 tickets a pour. The festival was arranged by draft or by bottle, with all of the […]

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