Pears, Cheese, and Wine

September 14, 2010

USA has a lot of pear information, and what recently caught my eye was a webpage dedicated to pears, wine, and cheese. They make the following recommendations:

  • Sweet Anjou pears, mild tangy goat cheese such as Montrachet Style, and a herbal flavored citrused noted Sauvignon Blanc wine
  • Sweet Anjou pears, creamy-buttery brie cheese, and a demi-sec Champagne
  • Aromatic Bartlett pears, a buttery triple cream Saint Andre cheese, and a dry Brut Champagne
  • Aromatic Bartlett pears, smooth musty Fontina cheese, and a Merlot with chocolate, cherry, and tobacco overtones
  • Nutty spicy Bosc pears, bold nutty aged Cheddar cheese, and bold Cabernet Sauvignon wine
  • Nutty spicy Bosc pears, bold sharp nutty Parmesana Reggiano cheese, and mild herb nosed Barberesco wine
  • Sweet Comice pears, salty strong Stilton blue cheese, and rich and berry flavored Ruby Port
  • Sweet Comice pears, sharp musty Roquefort cheese, and a bold rich and tannic Sauternes wine
  • Mild sweet Forelle pears, semi-soft mild nutty Port Salut cheese, and a fruity Dry Riesling wine
  • Mild sweet Forelle pears, buttery acidic Maytag Blue Cheese, and a sweet Riesling wine
  • Aromatic Red Bartlett pears, mild creamy brie cheese, and full bodied earthy fruity soft tannin Reserve Chianti wine
  • Aromatic Red Bartlett pears, creamy Stilton blue cheese, and a sweet Tawny Port with current overtones and a prune nose
  • Sweet Seckel pear, smooth musty Fontina cheese, and a medium bodied fruity Pinot Noir wine
  • Sweet Seckel pear, creamy Havarti cheese, and a floral nosed Beaujolais wine

Other websites talking about pear, wine, and cheese:

Apparently, there is also an Annual Wine, Pear, and Cheese Jubilee held every March at Willamette Valley Vineyards. I’ll have to check it out next year.

One other thing I want to mention about pears, wine, and cheese is that Ben Watson wrote on page 153 of Cider: Hard and Sweet:

One Gloucestershire [perry pear] variety, Stinking Bishop, even lends its name to a raw-milk cheese made by perry expert Charles Martell. The cheese’s rind is washing in Stinking Bishop varietal perry, and its powerful aroma and exquisite flavor resulted in its winning the honor of Best British Cheese a the 2001-2001 World Cheese Awards.

I also found a recipe for Red Wine Poached Pears with Mascapone Filling (you can even make the mascarpone). That has pears, wine, and cheese all in one dish!

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