Hood River Pear Celebration

September 15, 2010

This coming weekend, September 18-19, 2010, is the annual Hood River Pear Celebration. Several farms in Hood River, OR participate by allowing you to come tour their farm, taste some pears and food made with or for pears, and of course buy their fall pears. Some places like The Gorge White House also have a winery with grape wines and a pear wine, Cathedral Ridge Winery is doing a pear and wine tasting together, and Marchesi Vineyardsis one upping that by including cheese.

We went last year, stopping off at The Gorge White House, Rasmussen Farms, and Cody Orchards Farm Stand. I tried and bought a lot of pears, because at the time, I was on a no fruit diet with the exception of pears and watermelon. And I do love pears! I highly recommend going.


2 Responses to “Hood River Pear Celebration”

  1. […] Various farms participating in the Hood River County Fruit Loop Pear Celebration on September 18 and 19. […]

  2. […] assuming this is very similar to the Hood River County Fruit Loop Pear Celebration, with lots of apples to eat and purchase. See the website for all the fun additional activities. […]

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