Book Review: Pear Cookbooks

September 17, 2010

While there might be a lack of books devoted to growing pears, there are books devoted to cooking with pears.

Pears by Linda West Eckhardt with photographs by Karl Petzke is almost 130 pages devoted to cooking pears published in 1996. It starts with a little introduction to common store bought pears, indicating where it originated from, when it is available, and how it tastes so that you know how it will affect the recipe. Next, it moves on to how to core, peel, and cut pears for the dishes. Finally, it gets into the recipes, breaking the chapters into soups, salads, and appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, condiments and preserves, breads and desserts, and accompaniments (sauces to go on the pears). The final pages in the book include a table of pear availability by month and a table on pear characteristics. I find this book very easy to use, and the pictures very tempting.

Pears: A Country Garden Cookbook was written by Janet Hazen with photographs by Kathryn Kelinman in 1994, part of a series of “Country Garden Cookbooks” and published by Collins Publishers San Francisco. The introduction talks about the history of pears, provides a glossary including how to select, store, eat, prepare, and cook pears, with further notes on European pear varieties including photographs before giving the same attention to Asian pears. She does make a point that pears are one of the few fruits that successfully ripen after being picked off the tree, and they transport easily without much damage. From there, the 71 pages of recipes begin with openers, accompaniments, main courses, and sweets. There is even a recipe for Pear Liqueur, using a pear, vodka, sugar, and pear eau-de-vie. Again, I find this book very easy to use, and the pictures very tempting, so but it lacks the table of pear availability, and the other book had more recipes (though less pictures) that I would probably recommend West Eckhardt’s book first.

I also recommend checking out USA’s website for a lot of pear recipes.

Pear recipes I recommend:

Other delicious looking recipes:


2 Responses to “Book Review: Pear Cookbooks”

  1. noell Says:

    very nice! i made an asian pear crisp the other night. i like it because the pears keep their texture even as they cook.

  2. […] the pear cookbook in this series, I find this book very easy to use, and the pictures very tempting, but it is overall lacking in […]

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