Wine Review: Honeyrun Blackberry Honeywine

September 23, 2010

I first tasted Honeyrun Blackberry Honeywine at a mead class I attended. I was going through my collection and realized I had a bottle of it and decided to give it another try.

At 12% alcohol by volume, it is a decently strong wine, but it is really sweet. At the class, the instructors were suspiecious that the blackberries were fermented independently of the mead and then blended together, but sometimes I wonder if they didn’t just flavor the mead with blackberry juice. Still, I’m sort of in the camp of I like good medium or semi-sweet wine, and this is a bit sweet for my taste. Still, it is good, but I think things like this sometimes give fruit wine a bad reputation because of the sweetness.

One thing very interesting about this product is that they label it as no added sulfites or preservatives. That is to say, they recognize that sulfites are naturally occurring during fermentation and even have lab work to prove it, but they don’t purposefully go and add sulfites. They are taking a big risk that their products can spoil on them and they loose the batch, but apparently it hasn’t been bad enough to make them start using sulfites again. Kudos.


3 Responses to “Wine Review: Honeyrun Blackberry Honeywine”

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  2. CuAllaidh Says:

    Great review, I am a fan of sweeter wines myself so makes me want to try and find this one :D. As for the no added sulfites, since mead isn’t as prone to oxygenation or bacterial infection as grape or fruit wine the risk is fairly low with meads such as this. The no added sulfites would lead me to believe that this is a true melomel and not a blend of blackberry wine and mead or even just added blackberry juice.

    On an unrelated note, I was wondering if you would mind me republishing this review on my website The Mead Hall ( I’ve been trying to drum up some more reviews like this. I would of course credit you and link back to this site.

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