Book Update: Craft Cidermaking, 2nd Edition

October 1, 2010

I have a copy of Craft Cidermaking, 1st Edition, written by Andrew Lea. Lea has an excellent website, and he is a very active member of the Cider Workshop, answering a lot of questions.  At the end of August, he posted to the group the following:

Just in the time for the new [cider] season, I can announce that the Second Edition of my “Craft Cidermaking” book is now available for purchase from Goodlife Press.

Differences from the first (now out of print) edition are:

  • The typeface is smaller, so it’s thinner (but you’ll need your reading glasses!)
  • It has an index and some text updates (both can be downloaded from my website if you already have a copy and don’t want to buy a new one)
  • The cover price is lower but the trade-off is that the internal colour pictures have gone and been replaced by monochrome pictures throughout the text.

I think that’s all. For more information and the downloads, see here

End of Plug. Sorry!


Wittenham Hill Cider Page


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