Book Review: Cidermaking

October 8, 2010

Cidermaking by Michael B Quinion is hardly more than a pamphlet with small type and large pictures on 32 pages. Published in 2008 in the UK, it is mostly a historical looking back at the industry and its evolution. The pictures included are from past and present in the cider industry. This would be a great book for a country museum or a museum of apples or cider.

The introduction includes how cider uses to be a currency for laborers in England. This is followed by an Orchards section, talking about apple type, starting apple trees via wilding, grafting, or budding, and then sorting. The next section is on milling and pressing, which is probably a section with the most historical information, talking about advances in equipment being used though the centuries. Then the book turns to fermentation, discussing how fermentation was originally a mystery and some of the techniques that have been abandoned today. The traveling cidermaker is the next section, talking about how a man with equipment would go around the country side making cider at various orchards. The last section is on factory cidermaking, showing some of the equipment and processes used today in large cider making facilities.

This book does give a futher reading list and includes places to visit, such as The Cider Museum in Hereford, England where Quinion was its first curator.

I find this to be an interesting historical document, and even the modern equipment pictures have piqued my interest.

Websites of interest:

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