Cider Review: Merridale Traditional Cider

October 14, 2010

My husband gave me an ultimatum – I had to start drinking things we had bought on our travels. One problem is that I don’t like to drink while I’m mixing up my next batch of wine or cider so that I have normal taste buds to taste juices with, but beyond that, I hesitated because some of what we bought are special, and some of them are in big bottles, both of which beg to be shared. I was debating what wasn’t precious and/or large, and he confessed that he had some Merridale Traditional Cider in his beer fridge. Since it comes in a 341 mL bottle, it is small and at 7% alcohol, easy enough for one person to drink.

We had toured Merridale Estate Cidery in July as part of my cider making class with Peter Mitchell. After a large and quit tasting, we bought a few bottles from them including the traditional cider. The label describes it as being an English-style cider made from English cider apples.  Their website describes it as “dry and effervescent with a balance of body and acidity.” Wow, it was indeed dry. Actually, it was too much so for my poor American taste buds, and it had a bit of a strange aftertaste.

When I open my own cidery, I would probably have a dry cider just to have something for everyone, but I probably wouldn’t model my cider after this one.

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