Apple Tasting Review: All About Fruit Show

October 18, 2010

On Saturday a few weekends ago, a bunch of my family members and I headed out to Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro, OR for the Home Orchard Society’s “All About Fruit Show.”

There must have been about 500 different kinds of apples to taste there, including a lot of cider apples. They had people there that you had to flag over to cut you out a piece. Luckily, I had a list of apples I really wanted to try out, which was good. Some people in my party just tried what looked nice, while yet one person did not try any apples because it was so overwhelming.

The table of all the apples to sample.

They had by far the most apples there of all the events I went to, and at this event, about 40% of the fruit was apples, dominating it. The other fruit there included quinces, a lot of grapes, and they had some pears. I once again got to try my favorite – the Cascade pear. I had also great timing, as a person cutting at the pear table grew and brought in a lot of the perry pears, and I found out he was also a Peter Mitchell student, though many years ago.

It was my first time eating perry pears, and I had always heard that they are quite inedible. I can confirm that they are inedible. Because perry pears contain tannin, it is a lot like sucking on a tea bag. Your mouth just goes dry.

The apples and the pears were alphabetized, though the grapes were not.  Each fruit variety was placed on a plate and clearly marked. If some information was known about the fruit, there was a card placed with it.

We also took in some apples for a panel to identify, so that was nice to take the mystery out of what they were.

While it does cost a little bit of money to go to, I really recommend this event, especially if you are considering planting any fruits. They also had orcharding books on sale, of which we bought one on mason bees that they recommended.  There were also some fruit plants for sale, such as apple trees and raspberry canes.


4 Responses to “Apple Tasting Review: All About Fruit Show”

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