Cider Review: Irvine’s Vintage Cider

October 21, 2010

I’ve been trying to drink more cider recently. My husband has been putting bottles out of my cider collection into his little beer fridge for me to have. This time, I grabbed Irvine’s Vintage Cider, based out of Vashon Island, WA.

Photo by Old Time Cider

It looked really nice when I poured it into a glass – kind of a pale yellow, maybe straw color. The bubbles were really tiny and coming from localized places in the bottle, both signs of in bottle natural carbonation. The label reads, “Vintage Blend is refreshingly light in alcohol with a delicate petulance that causes a natural sediment.” This confirms I’m right about natural bottle carbonation.

At 6.8% alcohol, there are “lighter” ciders on the market at 5%, though the others would be coyingly sweet, where as this was balanced and light as it claimed. However, I found it to taste a lot like club soda.

Further on the label it reads, “Serve with crunchy bread, sharp farmhouse cheeses or your favorite pork dish.” I went to the fridge and grabbed out an open parmesan cheese. I ate some, and then tried the cider, and suddenly I got the more normal cider tastes that I have grown used to and love. “Well that sucks,” I told my husband, “if I have to eat a piece of cheese just to get a cider to taste like cider.”

It is still a decent cider – light, balanced, and refreshing, but it has a different flavor that is like club soda, and I don’t care for club soda.


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