Gris Mill

October 28, 2010

The Cedar Creek Gris Mill outside of Woodland, WA is the only working grain mill in Washington that grinds with stones and is water powered. The last Saturday of October, they do a special event and use the hydropower to crush apples, which they then press and sell as fresh pressed apple juice.

My husband and I went last year. They expect a lot of traffic, so they make the loop road that the mill is on one way. Be prepared to park a little ways a way, and if it rains, the road and surrounding forest will be muddy from all the people walking though. You will also have to cross a covered bridge to get to the mill. Inside the mill is very noisy from the grinding and the water splashing. The apples that they use all have stickers like they were bound for the grocery store, but it makes some tasty juice.

It is a good family event to go to. However, it is a bit of a drive, and we only stayed half an hour or so, as you come and observe and then nothing different happens. However, you can get involved with the pressing. Another downside is that they limit the purchase of fresh pressed apple juice to one half gallon per household. I do not remember how much it cost.

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