Pelican Pub & Brewery: Mushroom Fall Brewer’s Dinner Weekend Part II

November 10, 2010

Yesterday, I talked about our time out on the Oregon Coast near Pacific City, OR leading up to the main event: the Pelican Pub & Brewery Mushroom Fall Brewer’s Dinner.

At 6:30 that evening, we walked from the Inn at Cape Kiwanda next door to the Pelican Pub & Brewery, where we were seated at a table with three other couples in the banquet room.  This was a six course meal which had mushrooms in every course, and each course was paired with a Pelican beer. It was surprising how many people still did not catch on to the mushroom theme even by the end of the meal.

Pelican Pub & Brewery Mushroom Fall Brewer’s Dinner Menu

The left side is all the mushrooms they used for the dinner, while the right side is the courses and beer pairings.

Apparently, the Pelican was short staffed due to the winter, so it took four hours to have six courses, which means it was about 40 minutes a course. I wish it had been closer to 25 minutes a course, especially at the beginning when the portions were very small. The first course was just a mushroom, and the second course was one scallop with three ravioli. Those two dishes were probably our table’s favorite, along with the beers. My husband liked the Bridal Ale and took my glass, which I wish he hadn’t, as that left me to drink the MacPelican’s Scottish Style Ale, which I eventually did after three courses. The rest of the time, I waved the staff away from serving me the other beers, and simply tasted my husband’s. We did like the third pork dish, but it was not what people were raving about. The mushroom roulade was okay, but I had to pick the goat cheese out after I tried a bite, but I did try it. The Rabbit Wellington was the biggest serving, but all I could really taste was the mushroom sauce. The Truffle Bombe dessert was a nice mild, creamy dessert with some flavors, but not really sweet, which I like. Darron had talked about each course and beer pairing, saying that the dessert one was the hardest, but that after the preserved lemon was added, it was easier to pair with the Saison Du Pelican beer. Nobody at our table liked the lemon on the dessert, and we picked it out, including myself, and nobody really cared for the beer, which I noted had lemon and clove hints.  We were given a bottle of the Saison Du Pelican when we checked into the hotel, but it is not a beer to simply open and drink, as it will require multiple people to drink that large of bottle. We saved ours.

The next morning, we got up and went back over to the Pelican Pub & Brewery again for breakfast, as the package deal included $25 off Sunday breakfast. I had the Chili Relleno Omelet, which was very good with the chilies and cheese sauce, and my husband had the Doryman’s Breakfast, which was a lot like eating buckwheat pancakes. There was too much food, and we had to ask for a box to put them in. It made us glad we didn’t spend the money the day before to get two separate entrees when we couldn’t finish them.

It was a very good experience for us. People at our table kept asking us if we were going to return next fall, or at the German themed dinner they announced would happen in January. We would really like to, we would.


3 Responses to “Pelican Pub & Brewery: Mushroom Fall Brewer’s Dinner Weekend Part II”

  1. husband Says:

    Actually, I really liked the pork dish too- it was definitely a fun dinner!

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