Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation Museum and Gift Shop

November 16, 2010

A little ways north of the town of Long Beach, WA, there is the Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation Museum and Gift Shop. It is next door to a cranberry research station, which was built by Washington State University, who moved away in 1993. The Foundation was then formed, took over the research station, and opened the museum.

It is a small place, consisting of three rooms. The door leads you into the gift shop, but you can go below into the other two rooms to observe the history of the cranberry, and exhibit that is free. One room is dedicated to harvesting cranberries, which either has antique equipment or photographs of harvesting, which are presented in a nice chronological order. This leads you into a second room that talks about the storage, marketing, and consumption of cranberries, including periods like World War II. The Museum was featured in the Pacific County Historical Society and Museum “The Sou’wester” Spring 2004 newsletter, if you would like a large preview, though it does appear to be missing a picture of the bog boots.

At the end of the second room, you are lead back into the gift shop area, which is full of products made out of cranberries, such as jams, ketchup, chocolates, and even wines. Emerson Creek Pottery has a line of ceramics with cranberries on them also sold at the gift shop. If you love cranberries, this is the place to go to collect!

There is apparently a walking tour, which we did not know about to do.

It is a free family friendly educational place to go that is free unless you purchase something from the gift shop, but the museum portion might take you 15 minutes to view. I enjoyed our time there.

Additional Reading about the Museum:

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2 Responses to “Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation Museum and Gift Shop”

  1. Jen Says:

    We went to the museum when we were down for the wedding. The walking tour (at least at that time) was self-guided, but pretty neat. Got to see the bogs and how they trial different varieties for the research projects.

  2. […] our way out to the Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation Museum and Gift Shop, we stumbled upon Gray Parrot Brewing Co in Long Beach, WA. It was a former brew pub that scaled […]

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