Record Keeping for Fruit Wines

November 22, 2010

I had written earlier about record keeping and how important it is. I have since then made some changes to my records.

Download PDF of new record

  • First off, I found that my juice source was simpler than what I had made it out to be, so I just put lines to write out what it was.
  • The Added Ingredients is part measurements, and part check list. For instance, it reminds me to add sulfite, and I would probably do it by package directions. I gave more room for the preparation of ingredients because I found I needed it.
  • I changed the look of Measurements, Fermentation, and Racking.  Because Peter Mitchell taught me to add yeast nutrient after fermentation started, I move that down into the Fermentation portion. Again, it is kind of a check list, as is the racking and SO2 in the table section.
  • I removed the table tracking the specific gravity. I believe if I was a large wine maker doing up 50 gallons or more a batch, I would be monitoring this daily, but for gallon batches, I decided that the extra handling was really unnecessary and even time consuming with all the cleaning required.
  • I moved the bottling information onto the first page so that I could see how old everything was. I made some changes to it based on my experience. For instance, I really don’t see myself using oak any time soon, so I removed that from the record.
  • The last page includes extra notes, and tasting notes designed on the Clark County Fair wine competition, which I really liked the organization of.
  • The extra room at the bottom of the page is for labels. Sometimes I attach the labels from my raw juice material if I can.

This record is still a work in progress, and still has some flaws. For instance, it really doesn’t allow for me to take any serious lab tests and make modifications based on that, but right now, I’m really reserving those tests for cider making.

Another record that I have found I’ve had to keep is a calendar. On the calendar, I mark when I start a batch, and then mark when I should rack and when I actually do.


One Response to “Record Keeping for Fruit Wines”

  1. […] I got to making cider from apples instead of buying juice, I found that my records were not condustive for this process because I was actually making the juice rather than buying it, […]

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