November 24, 2010

Grand Central Baking Company has this turkey and chutney sandwich that I absolutely love. When we go there, I always get it and encourage others to do so. Once, my father got the Turkey Deluxe, but he agreed the chutney sandwich was much better. So, every year when Thanksgiving rolls around, I make sure to have good bread, good lettuce, tomato, and some chutney so that I can make this sandwich at home.

What is chutney? Chutney is a spiced pasty sauce in Indian cuisine. However, I’m talking about a more Anglofied type of chutney as being a kind of spiced fruit jam sauce. I think the best one for turkey is cranberry chutney, but a good apple chutney does quite well, too. I usually find chutney over with the Indian sauces in my grocery store, but there are lots of recipes for it on the internet as well.

So if you are tired of turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving, try changing it up with chutney!

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