Cider Review: Samuel Smith Organic Cider

December 2, 2010

First off, let me say that Samuel Smith is a brewery located in England. Breweries have a tendency to use just one yeast in all their products, and even though cider is technically a wine like product and not beer, Samuel Smith still tosses in beer yeast, which affects the taste of their cider.

The first time I had Samuel Smith Organic Cider, I thought it was okay, but I never got around to purchasing it again. Then, when I was attending a cidermaking class by Peter Mitchell, it was served to me again. You see, there is a sickness that strikes cider called mouse that causes mild to major off flavors depending on the severity. Some think of it as a mouse-cage or bread, but it is hard to really know if you have a mild mouse infection in cider if you have never really experienced it before. Cue Samuel Adams Organic Cider. It has a mild popcorn taste going on in the background because the cider has a mouse infection. Mitchell said he told them, but Samual Smith brewery has not seemed to care enough to make fixes.

If you try a Samuel Smith Organic Cider and can’t taste the popcorn, have no fear. I’ve been told numerous times that young and women are able to sense smell and taste easier, but I wasn’t able to detect mild mouse infections on my own until it was pointed out to me in this simple yet strange way:

  1. Take one teaspoon of baking soda and put it into one cup of water and mix.
  2. Swish the solution in your mouth and then spit it out.
  3. Finally, take a drink of the Samuel Smith Organic Cider.

This little parlor trick is good for parties, because after you swallow the cider, all you can taste is popcorn. Of course, you won’t want to finish the cider then, but maybe it was never worth finishing.

Further reading: Cider Workshop – Testing for Mouse


4 Responses to “Cider Review: Samuel Smith Organic Cider”

  1. Hailey Says:

    Ahhh…yes! Ok…glad I am not the only one not so impressed with this. I was so underwhelmed by this cider, probably the first one I have had that I didn’t want to drink again. I still need to write up my review of this one…but just haven’t gotten to it yet. Probably because I have nothing nice to say about it 😦

  2. […] it be easier to say who I would be staying away from? That would be Sameul Smith’s Organic (infected) cider, Crispin, and a domestic cider I won’t name but I feel is lacking. Appart from that, there are a […]

  3. […] Samuel Smith’s Organic cider has a flaw in it that I have people drink for learning and as a party…. Therefore, if someone is not looking to learn cider flaws, or is not in the mood for a party joke, then skip it. […]

  4. […] up the tents were running behind schedule. I was given a choice between pouring JK Scrumpy or Samuel Smith, and I took the Scrumpy (later, I walked past the Samuel Smith table, and the servers were bored as […]

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