Gift Ideas: Getting Started in Wine and Beer Making

December 6, 2010

For the next two weeks, I am going to be making gift suggestions for the holiday season. Some will be inexpensive while other not so much. Some gifts will be very personalized by you the gift giver and some not so much. All promise to be a little fun.

Today’s gift suggestion is to get someone started in making wine or beer. Even though I am not a beer maker myself, a lot of my suggestions can be interchanged with beer, as the two industries are intertwined in the stores.

To get someone started, they need at the very minimum, equipment. Many homebrew supply stores will package up and sell the basic equipment for making wine or beer for $100. Most of the equipment is the same, with a very differences being a corker or a capper.

Now if you are feeling more generous, you can buy the ingredients to make beer or wine. For wine, you can buy juice in wine kits, which can cost $100-200 depending on the grapes and where they are from.  For beer, they package up all the grains, hops, and other ingredients to make a particular style of beer, which costs about $50-150. You can also find mead making kits.


2 Responses to “Gift Ideas: Getting Started in Wine and Beer Making”

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