Gift Ideas: Knit a Winecozy

December 8, 2010

Occasionally, I knit. I knit basic things like scarves where I don’t have to pay attention to what I am doing, and things that won’t take forever to make. I was browsing an online knitting magazine and found a wine bottle cozy, and I’ve made a few with the stars. I wasn’t even into wine when I first started knitting these, but I had friends who were, and I thought it was a great personal touch wine bag to give it in. Plus, I tend to knit that up and give it with a bottle of Bridgeport, which comes in a blue bottle with star foil. Perfect.

Now, I don’t exactly knit this like the author recommends. I do it on “the round” rather than doing it flat and then sewing it up when I’m done. The instructions are pretty much the same, except that I don’t put an i-cord on it, which is the little roll at the bottom that kind of helps the balance of the bottles a little. The thing about knitting this on the round, is that it is a good way to learn to knit on the round without being as technical as doing mittens or socks. This is pretty straight forward project.

Other related knitting patterns:


2 Responses to “Gift Ideas: Knit a Winecozy”

  1. noell Says:

    thanks for posting this! i remember you showed it to me before and i completely forgot! now i will actually have time to try it!

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