Gift Ideas: Fruit

December 13, 2010

I follow USA Pears on Facebook, and recently they posted a question about the orginal name of Bartlett Pears. Having wrote a blog about it, I knew that in Europe they call them Williams. My prize? They sent me a box of red pears from Naumes Fruit Gifts. Because pears ripen from the inside out, they actually ripen better off of the tree, making them easy to ship. I thought, what a great idea for a Christmas present! There are other companies out there who ship pears and other fruit, so have a poke around the Internet.

Another suggestion would be to give a bouquet of fruit cut up and arranged to look like flowers. I haven’t personally gotten one, but I have been around to eat a few, and they are tasty! Some of them even come coated in a bit of chocolate or contain marshmellows or cheese. Several companies doing this style of fruit bouquet turn up with a simple internet search.


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