Gift Ideas: Memberships

December 14, 2010

Maybe what someone would really enjoy is a membership to a club. I have three in mind.

The first one I have to plug is for the for the Northwest Cider Association. Admittedly, they are a bit new and have not yet figured out what membership grants, but you would be supporting cider in the Pacific Northwest, the Association is bound to grow into something good that one would be proud to be a member towards the beginning.

Next, I want to point out that there are various wine clubs around, some of which require membership and dues. For instance, there is the Columbia Willamette Enological Society, who has an annual membership fee of $18 per person, which then applies towards a $5 meeting discount. At that rate, to attend 4 meetings a year, you will have made back the membership fees.  I also participate in a local wine club, and my husband is a member in a local beer brewing club, both without dues. Check with your local homebrew shop – they will know what wine clubs or beer clubs are in the area.

The last of all is to the Home Orchard Society.  The Home Orchard Society is a group of hobby fruit tree gardeners based out of the Portland metro area in Oregon. A $25 membership with them will get you their monthly newsletter, Pome News, gives you access to their library, discounts on books and bulletins, and discounts on attending events such as the Fruit Propagation Fair and Scion Exchange or the All About Fruit Show.

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