Gift Ideas: Classes

December 15, 2010

One really fun Christmas gift idea is to buy someone classes. Part of the thing about giving a class as a gift is that they are creating a memory, maybe even with you if you go with them. Also, I find with our capitalist economy that if somebody wants something material, they go buy it, and if you do buy them something, they don’t always like it and have to find someplace to store it. Buying a class circumnavigates those problems, as people don’t always thing about buying events rather than things, and there is nothing to store. Also, taking a class and learning something also enriches one’s life and can probably be more useful than yet another coffee cup.

Here are some classes that I have taken in the last year and would recommend:

I had written before of some winemaking classes offered. Some of them are University level and last a few months, and some are offered at the community college without credit and are just an evening, which can be very fun.  Of course, homebrew shops will offer classes on making wine and brewing beer, so that is always an option.

Every once in awhile, I talk about fruit plants on this blog, and this is the time of year that local nurseries are teaching classes on how to prune, and how to graft, so those are yet some other education ideas.


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