Gift Ideas: Magazines

December 17, 2010

For the winemaker or brewer, I have two magazines to recommend as gifts.

WineMaker Magazine talks about backyard grape growing, country wine, winemaking equipment, wine kit making techniques, other techniques, and much more. I get this magazine, and I really enjoy reading it. It comes out once every two months and costs $25 for 6 issues, or $44 for 12 issues.

Brew Your Own Magazine is put out by the same publisher as WineMaker Magazine. My husband periodically picks one up, and I keep threatening to just get him a subscription as it would be cheaper that way. It costs $28 for 8 issues, or $44 for 16 issues.

There are more magazines out there, but these two are focused on making wine and beer, not drinking them. They are the only magazines I have seen in the brew stores. The consumer drinking magazines can be frustrating trying to chase down something recommended that isn’t distributed to your area, or a taster/writer who your tastes don’t agree with (see Wine for the Confused). Instead, these magazines are aimed at helping you make a beer or wine you like.


2 Responses to “Gift Ideas: Magazines”

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  2. […] WineMaker Magazine or Brew Your Own Magazine subscription […]

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