Clark County Winery Ordinance Passed

December 20, 2010

Clark County, WA started having a growing wine industry, and they realized that while they needed to support the industry for economic reasons, they needed to set out some regulations to help keep the peace. I had talked about it before in July.

County staff wrote up code regulating winery usage, and had some meetings to discuss it, of which I went to one. Basically, the issues with wineries wasn’t the actual wineries, it was the events held at the wineries. As a result, a lot of the code is aided at the events that would take place, such as concerts, weddings, etc. One piece of the code I find interesting is that 20% of the land must be in production to make wine. This is fine when you have a small area like 5 acres, but much more difficult to develop if you have 100 acres. One man at the meeting I attended suggested growing blackberries to solve the problem. Blackberries are a weed in this region, but can make wine!

On October 5, 2010, the Clark County Board of Commissioners approved the winery Ordinance 2010-10-02.



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