Book Review: Booze Cakes

December 24, 2010

The idea of putting alcohol into cake seems to be growing at the moment, partly because of the book Booze Cakes: Confections Spiked with Spirits, Wine, and Beer by Krystina Castella and Terry Lee Stone, published earlier this year. With Christmas and New Years coming up, I thought the idea of cakes with alcohol could be a nice little thing to take to a party.

The book starts out with a very important Introduction, talking about the basics of cooking with alcohol, different types of alcohol and their flavors, quality to be used, how much alcohol stays in the cake based on cooking time and method cooked, garnishes, and seven tips for success. These pages can be read online on The recipes are broken down into Classic Booze Cakes, Cocktail Cakes, Cake Shots, and Cakes with a Twist. Some of the recipes can be viewed here:

The next section of the book is on Homemade Booze, which is really just a section on making a few popular liqueurs, real eggnog, sour cherries soaked in sugar, lemon juice, and kirsch, and a homemade sweet-and-sour mix. The last chapter is Homemade Treats, which includes candied cherries, raspberries, strawberries, or rum ginger, chocolate covered cherries, cream puffs, flavored sugars, marshmallow crème, gingersnaps, marzipan carrots, spiked whipped cream,  and more. Not all of the recipes in the last section call for alcohol, such as the various candied fruit.

The downsides to this book is that there is no index, so if you want to look up anything, you have to scan the book yourself. Also, there is no single page of the recipes, but instead it is broken up into an index for the start of each chapter. However, I think this is a cute little book with a color picture of each recipe. If I was a baker, I would give this book a try.

Similar and further readings:

  • The Boozy Baker: 75 Recipes for Spirited Sweets by Lucy Baker. Here is some video of her on the Today show.
  • There is a company who will make you a booze cake and ship it to you. I have not tried this service to know how it is.
  • The Oregonian: These little desserts pack a boozy kick, including recipes for Buttered-rum Lamingtons, Margarita Bars, Fig Port and Chocolate Tartlets.
  • The Oregonian: Bourbon adds complexity, and a kick, to holiday desserts
  • Belly up to the bar with these cookbooks. Includes some liqueur flavor information, and recipes for Pink Champagne Cake, Irish Cream Pie, Amaretto Almond Delight Cake, and Donut Bread Pudding with Tennessee Whiskey Sauce.
  • The Columbus Dispatch Kitchen: That’s the spirits, including recipes for Donut Bread Pudding with Tennessee Whiskey Sauce, Jelly Cake Shots, Tequila Sunrise Cake, and Screwdriver Cupcakes.
  • You can also find recipes by doing a web search for alcohol cakes, liquor cakes, beer cakes, vodka cakes, and rum cakes.

One Response to “Book Review: Booze Cakes”

  1. TStone Says:

    Thanks for mentioning our book! Baking + alcohol is a very thing. -Terry

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