2010 in Review

December 31, 2010

Back about September, I thought I was going to slow down on how many postings I did. I was starting to feel like I was running out of material, and I am not really commenting on what I was doing. So far, this blog has been more about what I’ve been learning than what I’ve been doing. However, as November started rolling around, I realized I still did have plenty to write about.

Unfortunately, my life is changing right now, so I’m going to have to ease up on the number of postings I do. Basically, it takes me some time write a post, and I’m sure I’m sort of flooding my readers with posts instead of having them a little more spaced out, which in turn results in postings not being read.  I think it could be a win-win situation if I did ease up on posts.

Hoever, in a little over a year in which I have been blogging, I have received about 4,750 hits on my site. Thank you everyone!

Reviewing, my top blog posts were:

  1. Weekend Special: Liquor Initiatives 1100 & 1105, also giving my highest use day when it was posted. This posting got over 300 hits in the three weeks leading up to the election and has drawn another 100 views since.
  2. Pears in Alcohol. This article would have had the #1 spot if it hadn’t been for an election year. It is the only other post I have above 200 viewings that I can track. I believe that the traffic is coming off of USA Pears, whom I linked to, creating a pingback. Thank you.
  3. Cider Review: JK Scrumpy Farmhouse Organic Cider
  4. Building My Apple Press
  5. History of Pears
  6. Review of Cideries on the Washington Peninsula
  7. History of Cider Part II: Rise of the Apple and Cider Popularity in Europe
  8. Drink Review: Jalapeño Infused Guava Margarita
  9. Making Liqueur
  10. Review: Bushwhacker Cider Bar
  11. Target SG 1.090
  12. My New Eco-Lawn
  13. My Apple Grinder (which I don’t recommend that model anymore due to problems)
  14. Making Wine with Whey
  15. Apple Press

Hmm, interesting spread. No book reviews made the top list, but lots of drink reviews and various other information. I wonder where the new year will take me!


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