Starting a Peach Wine

January 18, 2011

This past weekend, I thawed out 27 lbs worth of peaches make wine. They almost filled a four gallon bucket, and I’m hoping to get two gallons of wine. I did not add water to this batch. If I had, I could have probably gotten eight gallons. The peach juice is like a nice rich syrup or nectar. My husband is quite happy to have the freezer space back, as it took me two ice chests to thaw that much peaches.

Peach juice with bags of peaches. The bags will be removed after one week.

The peaches had decent sugar content at about 1.055 SG, which would be about 7% ABV as is. I will raise that to a more stable 12% by chaptilizing with sugar, but I decided to do that after I remove the fruit in a week. I decided this mostly because I’ll have a better idea of how much volume I have to make a more accurate calculation on how much sugar to add.

I did have to adjust the pH a bit since it was too high at approximately 3.8. I believe I got it pushed down to 3.6, but I’ll test again when I remove the fruit to see how it is doing. I would prefer it to be more at 3.5 pH to make it less prone to an infection.

Since peaches are natorious about making cloudy wine, I did add pectic enzyme to hopefuly help it clear later. I also added some tannin to help with mouthfeel, but not much. Of course, I added sulfites because I don’t want to take a risk of losing the batch, especially since the pH is a bit high. Yesterday, I pitched a Montrachet yeast, and I will add yeast nutrient once it gets going.

I’m hoping this batch will be ready by the end of summer, but realistically, it will probably be next fall.


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