Winter MashFest 2011

January 20, 2011

Last Sunday, my husband and I went to Winter MashFest 2011 at Mint Tea in Vancouver, WA. MashFest is a little brew fest in which all of the brewers are armatures. Some of the brewers there are looking to get their license, while others have no intention of being anything more than just hobbyists. This gives them all the opportunity to get feedback on their beers.

There were a total of 14 beers there this time, two more than advertised. Organizers said that at the last minute, they had three brewers back out, but they were quickly able to find three more to fill their spots. We were given a glass and a program in which the brewer would check off that we had taken some of their beer. With this, their goal was to only give one sample per person so that their supply of beer would last the evening. The program also allowed us to vote for a overall favorite beer, and then a beer made by someone who had been brewing more than three years and a beer brewed by someone brewing less than three years. My favorite was actually a coconut porter in which I could really taste the coconut. As a result, my husband didn’t like it because he doesn’t like strong coconut, which is why he really likes Maui Brewing Company’s CoCoNut Porter.

The event was very crowded, and it was hard to find a specific beer from the program as brewer #1 was next to brewer #4. My husband went to the Summer MashFest 2010, and he said that with the nice weather, they do some of the tasting outside on the lawn, so it is much less crowded.

I think I will actually try to get a cider entered in the Summer MashFest, but I’m unsure about attending the Winter MashFest again since I am not really a beer person, let alone dark winter beers. However, at $10, it is one of the cheaper tastings, and it does support up and coming brewers, so I do feel it is a good thing to support.


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