Meeting or Party?

February 22, 2011

I belong to a local home winemaker’s club. We meet once a month at a member’s house, and this last weekend it was my turn to host. I got busy on a few projects around the house and then did some cleaning. My husband’s grandparents told me, “Your wine party will be a success I’m sure.” Party? Then I realized my own folks kept asking, “When is your party?”

On one hand, it is like a party. There are about 20 of us total, with each household bringing a bottle of wine. That’s a lot of wine. There is usually cheese involved. Last time it was baked brie, and this time I did up a fondue. Some people bring some really good hors d’oeuvres, like stuffed mushrooms. So yeah, I can see how it is a party.

On the other hand, we are a group, a club. We have meetings. Sure, they happen to be in somebody’s home and involve wine, but are book groups that meeting in homes and drink wine “parties”? I’m sure they are still referred to as meetings.

I guess it could be a generational thing, where anything I host is considered a “party” at this stage of my life unless it was done on a more regular basis. Or would I ever outgrow that? I guess it doesn’t matter, as our wine meetings are fun like parties!


One Response to “Meeting or Party?”

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