Drink Review: iSastei Sagardo Naturala

February 24, 2011

Northern Spain has been producing cider, usually spelled “sidra”, since the ancient Roman times. However, the Spanish have developed a unique taste to their cider, almost a vinegar taste or something very comparable to sour beer.

My husband loves sour beer, so when I was at Bushwhackers Cider a few weeks ago, I was looking in their cases at their sidra. A fellow patron highly recommended iSastegi Sagardo Naturala from the Basque region (the website is in Basque, not Spanish, and so Google is unable to translate it). In fact, he then bought a bottle which he then opened right then and there, and we proceeded to drink it.

As I said before, it is very comparable to a sour beer, and so my sour beer loving husband loves this cider. It might be a tish high in acid, but my fellow drinker summed it up in that it has a bit of a “funk.” According to Andrew Lea, the Spanish do impart an acetic acid flavor to the cider by introducing lactic acid bacteria, which would give it a slight vinegar funk.

I should also add that the Spanish also have some unique traditions when it comes to drinking sidra. They like to hold the bottle up high and then pour into a glass held down low, as this introduces air into the cider to kind of make it carbonated. Looking at iSastei’s logo, you can see that they aren’t pouring from a bottle down low, but instead up high like the tradition.

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  1. […] off, remember that I had already tasted a Basque sidra,  which tend to have a bit of funk to them due to the acetic acid used, and are usually produced […]

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