Mint Wine

March 8, 2011

Living in the Pacific Northwest, mint is a weed. It spreads mostly by putting out underground runners to start new plants. Trying to get rid of it is near impossible, as if any little bit of root remains, there will be a plant. Actually, if any stem remains, it will put out roots. And I have some in my flower beds.

Last year, I attempted to make a wine out of the mint, but I wasn’t able to get the yeast started because I think there was actually too much sugar and it poisoned the yeast. So, I picked a lot of mint, cleaned it, and put about two quarts per freezer bag and shoved them in the freezer. I thought I would try again making mint wine this  winter, or worse came to worse, I could always make some mint jam.

So last week, I got out two bags for a total of four quarts and used Jack Keller’s recipe as a guideline. I was making a three gallon batch, and I used about 4 quarts of mint and 7.5 lbs of sugar to end up with an SG of 1.100. It also turns out that I was out of citric acid and had to use malic acid, which is a stronger acid that citric and almost got the pH too low even though I only used 6 teaspoons. Out of habit, I didn’t add yeast nutrient because I usually wait until the yeast is active, but I had some problems getting it started and it occurred to me that the yeast needed some nutrients in addition to sugar since I was not working with juice. Nutrients added and a more vigorous yeast pitched, and 12 hours later, I had some mint wine fermenting.


One Response to “Mint Wine”

  1. Brian Says:

    I certainly have plenty of mint, and I’m thinking of trying this sometime. What does mint wine taste like?

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