“Cherry Bomb” Black and Tan

March 10, 2011

A few weeks ago, I was at Bushwhacker Cider with my husband and I decided to give their “Cherry Bomb” a try, which is a black and tan made with cherry cider and a chocolate stout. Cherry cider is usually made by making an apple cider and then adding cherry juice for flavoring right before bottling, much like making a pear cider. In this case, Bushwhacker uses Blue Mountain Cherry Cider, which I think has the appropriate level of cherry and sugar for this drink, but isn’t too high quality that you regret mixing it and hiding some of the flavor. The beer that they use is a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. Very chocolaty.

The result isn’t exactly a chocolate covered cherry in the sense of a candy, but it is pretty tasty. Then again, I’m a sucker for cherry, and my husband is not. We actually bought supplies to make this drink at home, and I suggested maybe we grab Blue Mountain’s Raspberry Cider or maybe find a raspberry Framboise beer, but he waved me off, partly because he knows I’m not so keen on raspberries like he is. He has promised me, though, that if I ever make a cherry cider, he will brew me up some chocolaty stout!

The cider is around 6.25% ABV and the stout is around 5.2% ABV, so the resulting drink is going to be about 5.75%, give or take due to which one you pour more of. I guess if you wanted more of a kick, you could substitute a cherry wine or add a little liqueur.

The last piece of advices I have to offer about making a black and tan is that it really works best when drinking it if the glass has sloped sides. This way, when you tip it, you get a little bit of both drinks in your mouth, but they always remain separate. If you pour into a glass with curves, you might find yourself only drinking the stout at first, and then the cider.


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