Volunteering at a Small Winery Part I

March 29, 2011

I’ve been working on my business plan recently to get a cidery/winery up and running. People who hear about it think it is cool. Family members, however, are not so certain. What experience do I have running a winery? Enter Olequa Cellars. I was out there last weekend to help with filtering and bottling their 2010 Riesling, which will be available to buy starting Memorial Day Weekend.

It was nice to go out and see a small winery in operation, to work with the equipment, and hear the owner comment on how he would have done things differently if he had known what he knows now. And at the end of the day, I got dinner and one of the bottles of wine. I see myself heading out there again!


2 Responses to “Volunteering at a Small Winery Part I”

  1. […] spent another day out doing some work for Olequa Cellars last Friday. This time, my husband came with me, and we opened 12 cases of wine and poured them […]

  2. […] Thing is, I’ve sort of cut back on fermenting stuff in an attempt to save some money. I’m part of a winemaker’s club, and right now they are taking orders for grapes. They can’t quite seem to band together enough to purchase a ton of grapes to get normal prices, so that means it could cost $1.25 per pound, and to make 5 gallons, you need 100 lbs. Granted, that 5 gallons would make 2 cases worth of wine, which would be about $6 a bottle after the yeast and chemicals and stuff. That is much cheaper than buying a bottle! Maybe I would feel a little different if I wasn’t volunteering out in a vineyard. […]

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