My Lawn Review – Spring

April 5, 2011

About 10 months ago, I posted about how I heard about some eco-friendly lawn mixture. I planted it, and like any lawn, it took a little bit to fill in, but once it did, it was nice and green. 

Now it is early spring, and I’m cursing at what grass I didn’t rip out and replant. I mowed two weeks ago, and the grass areas need it again already, and the eco-lawn doesn’t need it. It definitely saves me time from not having to mow.

Grass on the left needs mowing; eco-lawn on the left is just fine.

I will admit that the white English daisies that ruin a perfectly green lawn, but doesn’t bother me. However, if that is something that would bother you, I would recommend finding a blend that doesn’t contain English daisy.

So far, I am not regretting planting this eco-lawn!


3 Responses to “My Lawn Review – Spring”

  1. Lena Says:

    I love it! I wish Matt would go for it – honestly I love the flowers (I would totally naturalize bulbs under it too – I threatened to do that to the lawn once but was VETOED)

  2. Angela Says:

    Ah! I’ve been wanting to do this. Duly noted that I’ll have to kill all grasses and weeds before seeding. How do you like the lawn after a few years? I always wondered if the clover would over take the lawn and drown out any fine fescue. Does it hold true to less watering and less mowing? Great follow up by the way. There weren’t too many reviews or follow ups on this type of lawn. Thanks in advance!

    • It is really hard to say. The remaining grass we have is in shady areas with high acid (evergreen needles) soil. It does seem to stay shorter than some grass, like the stuff that is hard to mow on boarders, but it is definitely lusher. Like, you clog the mower easier in the spring on it vs some of the grassy areas. I don’t exactly believe in watering (in 88, the news stations had a brown lawn contest, which left an imprint on me), and it does tend to stay green regardless of our abuse. The biggest draw back is that you can’t use “weed and feed” on it, and even the sprays to kill dandelions will kill the clover around the dandelions. So yeah, you really have to make sure you have a weed free area first. We haven’t really noticed it moving into areas that already had grass, so it really only goes where you put it and not into other established areas.

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