First Bottling of 2010 Cider

April 19, 2011

Last fall, I pressed about 50 gallons worth of apple juice and started about 43 gallons of it fermenting as cider. I had 10 gallons worth “drop clear,” meaning you could see though it and it is no longer opaque. Any wine (except red wine) that has dropped clear is considered more stable for bottling, as it kind of removes possible nutrients for unwanted bacterial growth. Anyway, I bottled those first 10 gallons.

But what did I do with the other 8 gallons of juice I didn’t start fermenting? I put it in the freezer. It was my intent to back sweeten with it. That is to say, add a little bit of juice back to the cider to make it a tad bit sweet and apple-ly (remember, wine doesn’t taste like grapes, so cider doesn’t taste like apples). However, what I froze was unfiltered juice, so to add it to cider that has dropped clear will only cause it to cloud back up again. I guess I didn’t think that out enough. So basically, I had to scrap that idea and go to my local grocery store and buy some filtered apple juice. Meanwhile, I now have 10 gallons of bottled cider, and 8 gallons of juice that I might as well ferment!

One Response to “First Bottling of 2010 Cider”

  1. […] at the time was to use it to backsweeten my cider with the juice that made it. However, when I started bottling, I realized I couldn’t do this because it would cloud my cider back up since the juice is cloudy, […]

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