Making Cider in the Spring

May 24, 2011

I pressed a lot of apple juice last fall, and I set most of it to fermenting, but put seven gallons worth in the freezer. My thought at the time was to use it to backsweeten my cider with the juice that made it. However, when I started bottling, I realized I couldn’t do this because it would cloud my cider back up since the juice is cloudy, and I’m not set up to filter yet.

Since I was bottling, that meant that I had a carboy in which I could thaw the juice and start it fermenting. I did that this weekend.

Let me tell you – seven gallons of cider takes up a full shelf in an upright freezer, and we went all winter that way. Now it is kind of amazing to have all that open space again. Besides that, I’ve started cleared out and started fermenting all the frozen fruits and the mint. It is kind of weird having a freezer with some shelf space. Just in time for the new harvest season!


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