“Cherry Bomb” Black and Tan with Raspberry Cider

May 26, 2011

So back in March, I was at Bushwhacker Cider and ordered their “Cherry Bomb” black and tan made with Blue Mountain Cherry [flavored] Cider. Thing is, Blue Mountain also makes a raspberry flavored cider, so I wondered how this black and tan with Young’s Double Chocolate Stout would do with this.

Surprisingly, not as well at the cherry. The raspberry cider is not as sweet and syrupy, so the mixture actually comes across as a little bit bitter initially. When you do get down to the point where there is a little less beer and more cider, the raspberry is just sort of lost in its subtlety. With the sweet cherry cider, there were two strong flavors battling it out, so they complimented each other as a result. The milder raspberry cider is overpowered by the beer, and so you lose that complimentary blending and you lose the raspberry.

All and all, I’m glad I tried it, as I had been curious, but I find it lacking.

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