Having a Beer and Cheese Tasting

June 7, 2011

Last June, I wrote a post about pairing beer and cheese, and I saw a blog on the Wine and Beer of Washington State that goes along with this. A group of people got together and had a beer and cheese tasting.

Admittedly, I don’t care for beer, so one could attempt this instead with wine. What was kind of scary to me and their tasting was that they had 13 beers to taste! I also find it ironic that they stressed Washington beers, but didn’t get Washington cheeses. They only choose five cheeses to work with.

I was delighted by the categories that they voted on for the pairings:

  • Best Beer and Cheese Pairing
  • Best Overall Cheese for Beer Pairing
  • Best Overall Beer for Cheese Pairing
  • Best Beer Paired with [Specific Cheese]

Man, I need to have a cheese tasting this summer!


2 Responses to “Having a Beer and Cheese Tasting”

  1. […] I mentioned that I needed to work the amount of cider in my cellar down , including the things I had bought commercially, so I decided to have a cider and cheese party at the end of May. I told my friends that I would supply the cider, and they were to bring cheese or some other food to help with cheese fatigue (Years ago, I went to a creamery in Sweden, which had a cheese buffet, and you found yourself taking the pasta salad because you had too much cheese). In my mind, I was trying to sort of model this tasting off of one I had read about a year ago. […]

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