Review: Portland Cheese Bar

June 9, 2011

Every city probably has a business like the Portland Cheese Bar. This is exactly what the name says it is: a place with lots of cheese, good delicatessen food, and a nice local beer and wine selection.

The cheese selection is pretty impressive. They do offer a three cheese plate with a few extras, and you can either choose the daily plate or create your own. Behind the bar is a chalk board menu with all the daily food to order. It usually has open faced sandwiches with various ingredients, but it could contain other things like gourmet macaroni and cheese. The food can be a little expensive, but the quality is very good, and the plate usually has a small dark green leafy salad.

Last of all, the Portland Cheese bar does serve regional beer, wine, and cider, so I suggest picking your favorite and the cheese platter and seeing how the different cheeses do with your favorite drink.

I will say that there isn’t much seating there, and the tables are small. These tables do have four chairs, but there is not much room. Four plates and drinks take up almost all the room that make it difficult to find a place to put the cheese plate to share. This place better handles parties of two

I find the experience of going there quite fun!


One Response to “Review: Portland Cheese Bar”

  1. yum! when we come down to visit we will have to try it out!

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