Tea and Cheese

July 4, 2011

I know that it is no longer June, so it is not Dairy Month anymore, but I felt that this was a nice segue to my next topic, which will start tomorrow.

A few months ago, a free wine newspaper that I picked up talked about cheese and tea. My initial reaction was that it was an odd pairing, but as I read the article, an idea sprung to mind. I mean, I describe tannin in red wines as kind of a sensation of sucking on a tea bag. So if tea has tannins like wine does, and cheese and wine are good together, then tea and cheese should be good together. I had to test my theory.

I got a hold of some cheddar cheese per the article and I already had some mozzarella, and since it is warm out, I got some Lipton Pureleaf unsweetened bottled ice tea. Maybe this isn’t quite the best pairing, or maybe it is an acquired taste. I did see the potential, but it doesn’t seem quite as natural as pairing cheese with wine. I mean wouldn’t it be more part of our culture if it was a natural pairing?

Like I said, it has potential, but I think I will stick to wine and cheese and then tea and cookies. Unless it is tea and cheesecake, and then it would probably be very good.


One Response to “Tea and Cheese”

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