You Know, CIDER

July 27, 2011

Wandering Aengus Ciderworks recently posted this little Cider Logic to their Facebook page, and I felt it needed repeating:

Cider Logic
Grapes are to Wine as
Apples are to Cider:
Grapes are to Grape Juice as
Apples are to Apple Juice.
Cider is not apple juice.

I’m sure I’ll end up repeating how cider is hard cider and not apple juice many more times this year.

Meanwhile, I had two older women who were the wives of winemakers start talking to me about applejack. I think in both cases, the women were stuck thinking cider is unfiltered apple juice, and they wanted to talk about apple juice with alcohol in it, so they both grabbed the word “applejack.” Thing is, the second woman’s husband actually does distill, and she was referring to his work, so it took me a minute to realize she wasn’t talking about applejack but cider!

Keep spreading the word!

One Response to “You Know, CIDER”

  1. […] problem happens when he attempts to make hard cider to distill into “apple jack.” Wrong – applejack is cold distillation. What he is doing is making apple eau da vie. He says the cider stinks, which he doesn’t know […]

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