Drink Review: Carlton Cyderworks

August 18, 2011

Last week, we went to Bushwhacker Cider where Carlton Cyderworks was pouring some of their cider. I had had most of their cider before, but I have never really commented on it.

At this tasting, they were serving three ciders. The first was a cider made with Asian pears, which is a pear apple hybrid of sorts. The second cider was Duke, an apple cider flavored with blueberries which I have to admire because blueberries are tricky to work with. The last one was a sweeter cider, Carry Nation.

I like Carlton Cyder. The thing that I really picked up on was that all of these ciders had really good mouth feel and a touch of tannin, both aspects which I seem to be lacking from my own cider. I asked about my observation, and I was told that all of their ciders have a 10% cider apple base, which would give it that mouth feel. Hmm.


3 Responses to “Drink Review: Carlton Cyderworks”

  1. […] he wanted me to take some money and get a hold of real tannin apples and do a blend more like Carlton Cyderworks. He didn’t think of it as making less and therefore not having practice. He was thinking I should […]

  2. […] of Tieton’s cider, and it is difficult to get Westcott Bay cider, so that is 3-4 more to try. Is Carlton Srumotown new? I’ll give Sea Cider another taste. The two French ciders could be interesting, […]

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