Drink Review: Olequa Leon Millot

August 25, 2011

Yesterday’s rant had to be followed up with a wine review of a wine not from California, one that was not a typical variety like cab or chardonay, and even better if it was from a grape native to America. I have chosen Olequa’s Leon Millot.

But wait, isn’t Leon Millot a French name and therefore French? Sort of. It is a new grape, developed in France in 1911 by crossing some native American hydbrid grapes with Goldreisling, a German hybrid.

This is a medium bodied red wine, which I am more partial to than heavy bodied red wines. I find them easier to drink, and easier to have with dinner. This wine also has cherry notes, not just in the nose, but in the wine. It isn’t strong, but it is there, and I’m a sucker for cherries.

I keep buying bottles of this stuff because I love it, and it is yet more proof that if you look around, you can find some really good wines that you have never heard of because they have been drowned out in California marketing.


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