Summer MashFest 2011

August 29, 2011

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to pour my cider at a little festival called MashFest. In Washington, the law was written so that amateur home brewers could come together and serve their brews to the public so long as it is held at a public place with a liquor license and tickets are purchased beforehand. No tickets can be purchased at the door.

I had five gallons bottled into 25 champagne bottles. I chilled about 20 of them and then placed them in an ice chest and took them. We got set up with a little sign saying I was serving cider and that it was dry and tart.

Before the event started, I opened my first bottle and poured out a little. Disaster! There was mold floating in it. Last week, I did open a bottle to see how things were, and it was okay, so I was freaking out that my cider was ruined and was not servable. I checked out other bottles, and that bottle was the only one with issues. The rest of them tasted fine and did not have anything floating in it.

In fact, the feedback on my cider was very positive. They liked the dry and tart cider. Only a few people did not comment on it, but there was a buzz about the cider being served and people would seek me out. At the end of the night, I even had a few repeat people asking for more. It was a very positive experience.


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