Preparing for Seattle Cider Summit

September 8, 2011

The other day, the list of the ciders that will be at the Seattle Cider Summit was released. A few thing struck me.

First off, I am a participant on the Cider Workshop, which is mostly populated by British craft cidermakers. The Brits have definite ideas of what a cider should be, which is just apple juice from cider apples, and maybe the use of sulfites and domestic yeast. Use dessert apples? You would be laughed at. More importantly, though, cider should never ever be flavored. Now, I’ve defended the use of adding other fruits to flavor cider, calling it innovation, an attempt to do something different and stand out, or even just a creative outlet for cidermakers beyond cider. However, out of 57 ciders that are going to be at the Seattle Cider Summit, 17 of them are flavored. That is 30%, and that rate worries me a little, especially when some of the cidermakers are not offering pure cider. They are bringing everything flavored.

I have to wonder if this is partly the beer market’s doing, as the current trend/fad is fruit beers. Since cider is drunk like a beer, why not follow beer’s trends? Well, first off, cider is already a fruit drink, so you don’t need to add more fruit to it. Secondly, lets build up a good cider market before diverging too much. Rather, I would like to see a cidermaker putting out one or two apple ciders or perry, and then one flavored cider.

Anyway, on the docket for Saturday, I will be tasting new cidery Methow Valley Ciderhouse. My husband Burtle and I will be tasting the two hopped ciders side by side for comparison. I think I will also give Finnriver’s Spritied Apple Wine a try. I’m not sure I’ve had all of Tieton’s cider, and it is difficult to get Westcott Bay cider, so that is 3-4 more to try. Is Carlton Srumotown new? I’ll give Sea Cider another taste. The two French ciders could be interesting, too. Of course, there are the favorites Red Barn and EZ Cidre.

Would it be easier to say who I would be staying away from? That would be Sameul Smith’s Organic (infected) cider, Crispin, and a domestic cider I won’t name but I feel is lacking. Appart from that, there are a lot of fruit ciders I probably won’t have, but would still recommend to others to try. Afterall, my body unfortunately has limits as to how much I can drink.


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  1. […] this is unfortunate. I was all set to go to the Seattle Cider Summit today, but my health is forcing me to stay home. Somebody have some cider for me and say, […]

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