Apple Harvest 2011

October 18, 2011

So far, this has been sort of a mixed year for me. Last weekend, I found out that I waited too long to pick the neighbor’s trees that I pruned last winter, and there were no more apples. However, I did get my hands on 16 gallons of mixed cider apple juice. You know, the stuff with tannin. So it is out percolating away. I think I will finally break out my grinder and press out this weekend as the Golden Delicious are finally on. Thing is, I was running out of carboys at this time last year, and had to stop, and this year, I’m just getting started. I think I will do 10 gallons of Golden D and throw wine tannin into half of that, just to see what happens.

Last weekend, we went to the Home Orchard Society All About Fruit Show and tried numerous apples, though I was a little disappointed there were no dabinetts or yarlington mill apples. I also tried a lot of perry pears, and a few people who didn’t know me well enough suffered when they tried a perry pear with me not knowing what they were getting. I swear the pears can have more tannin than apples. I think the yellow huffcap was the winner, as it was juicy, yet it sucked the saliva out of you. I also bought another apple tree, a little liberty that I had been wanting for awhile, which is now planted next to my ashmead’s kernel tree. Cost me a whole $12. We also bought some ashmead’s kernel apples to eat, though they were a bit green. My father says that is just the thing about the fruit tastings is that the best fruit is the ripe fruit, so if you held the tasting another week, a different variety would be your favorite.

Speaking of which, I’ll be heading out to Venersburg this Sunday for yet another tasting.


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